A Conversation with RADM (ret) Scott Giberson

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Modern U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps culture and history wouldn't be complete without hearing from this officer!

RADM (ret) Scott Giberson started his U.S. Public Health Service career as a pharmacist in the Indian Health Service (IHS). He was a staunch advocate for advanced pharmacy practice. After responding to the 9/11 anthrax attacks in 2001, he was tapped to serve as senior public health advisor for U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM). He eventually went on to serve as the national IHS HIV/AIDs consultant, chief pharmacy officer for USPHS, director of Commissioned Corps HQ, assistant Surgeon General, and commander of the Ebola response in Liberia.

Interview Timestamps

0:00-15:59 Introduction to Scott's career

16:00-37:34 Pharmacy school, getting into PHS, pharmacy culture in the 90's, getting into the Corps, uniform wear in the 90's, importance of OBC, history of khaki uniform, corps reputation in past 2 decades, importance of IHS

37:35-58:59 Starting National Clinical Pharmacy Specialist (NCPS), advanced practice in pharmacy, start of pharmacist clinician (PhC), future of pharmacy practice, history of pharmacy as providers, personality of pharmacists

59:00-1:17:59 Deploying for Anthrax, going to Pacific Command, being PHS officer with military, importance of respecting rank and uniform, influence of SG Carmona

1:18:00-1:24:59 Challenges of working in IHS, cultural fluency in IHS

1:25:00-1:35:59 Becoming CCHQ director, fighting to survive, structural challenges at HQ

1:36:00-1:53:59 How USPHS got involved with Ebola, meeting President Obama

1:54:00-1:58:29 COVID-19 and USPHS's role

1:58:30-2:07:37 The role of the uniform in USPHS, should the Surgeon General come from the ranks, closing remarks

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