To honor the unique history and culture of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

The Story

My name is Sean Navin, and I am a former Commissioned Corps officer of the Public Health Service. I took great pride in being an officer, and it was an honor to wear the uniform.

During my years of service, anytime I saw a piece of PHS merchandise in a store, I had to have it! USPHS commissioned corps merchandise is few and far between and a lot of it is... not the best quality.

I remember going to Walter Reed and seeing a small section of PHS pride merchandise tucked away in the corner. I was excited yet at the same time, my heart sank; most PHS officers are sprinkled throughout the country and would never access this small nook in Washington D.C.

It's normal to want to support and show pride in your service especially the USPHS Commissioned Corps . Many of America's public health institutions were started by USPHS commissioned corps officers like the CDC and NIH. The Corps has been militarized for many of America's great wars from the Spanish-American war to Korea. There is a lot to be proud of!

That is why I created PHS Proud.

USPHS officers can show pride in service like any other uniformed service does. Celebrate the  awesome history and service of PHS officers; Be PHS Proud!!!

-Sean Navin



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